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So what’s the big deal with giving away a $100 cash prize to one lucky member of That’s a question we sometimes get from visitors to the ‘Home’ page of the website.

Well, we never said the money was really a big deal…other than giving the winner a little extra cash to buy some guitar strings or drumsticks, we tend to believe that making it into the Winner’s Box is the real treat!

find a band, Musicians Wanted

What’s the Winner’s Box you ask? That’s where the chosen Musician, Band, or Music Service gets featured on the ‘Home’ page of Musicians Index for a full year until the next winner is picked! With several thousand views of the page each month our statistics have shown that visitors really pay attention to the “Winner’s Box”. They want to know more about the member by clicking on the link leading to their personal M.I. site. What this means is quite frankly more exposure which is always a good thing! It also provides the opportunity for the Musician, Band, or Music Service to pick up more new M.I. referrals, which can lead to other benefits like additional M.I. points and team building.

Because we really don’t like to see them go, we will continually honor our champions here in this article.  As a token of our appreciation we will also continue to promote their M.I. sites by driving traffic to the blog post.

Musicians Jobs, Vocalist, Brad Miller
Musicians wanted, Guitarist, Singer, Chris Dair
Musicians friend, Drummer
find a band, Musicians Wanted

For a chance to see yourself in the Winner’s Box, all you need to do is sign up to be a member of and complete the simple profile requirements. Just add a profile picture, short bio, and profile preferences and you’re in the drawing. It’s really that easy…and hey, you’ll being doing yourself a favor because these few simple tweaks to your M.I. site will make you more visible to the Search Engine.

Remember, it’s all FREE to use and the community is here for you to find each other and benefit! Will You Be Next? Join Us Now!


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